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Your Computers

We manage the performance of your devices by following up and tracking changes every week. When required, we provide remote support through phone or by accessing your devices remotely. We keep your files safe from Viruses and unexpected data loss by taking automatic backup of all devices.

Your Systems

For your work environment efficiency, we deploy and manage various types of services based on your request, such as remote file collaboration, a company-based chat system to prevent employees from being distracted by different social media accounts and a system to manage your customer types, status, and relationship with refined and simplified reporting systems.

Your Network​

We install, manage and maintain your network, allowing you to have a stable and reliable environment where you can easily share printers and devices throughout the network. We will also make it possible for you to access your devices and various services from outside your office.

Your Website​

We assist you in developing your online presence in order to create awareness for your brand or business, provide information to customers about your products or different topics and generate sales by organizing your website with a clear sales funnel to what you have to offer. Your website will be accessible from multiple platforms like phones, computers and tablets.

Your Social Media

To reach and create engagement with your customers, we help you manage your social media accounts by regularly publishing content, responding to customers, analyzing how well you are reaching your audiences and understanding customers’ behaviors to create a tailored experience for them.

Your Graphics Design

For your brand identity and recognition, expressing and communicating your information, to create a good first impression, we will help you in preparing professional and consistent logo design, packaging, vehicle wraps, banners etcetera.

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